A split second of sunshine before the usual airport rush ✈️ See you soon, #Melbourne. (at Bondi Park)

well there goes that idea of a date


You’re swallowing me whole.
Full of surprises,
Unsure yet -
Surprising me.

I’ve been waiting for a while,
someone else told me what
would happen when we got here.
Surprising me.

I was so unsure,
but I knew, somehow -
Your mates would say.
Surprising me.

You just want to please me,
why don’t you use me?
I don’t know what I want….
Surprising me.

So human, so kind.
Something I’m not used to.
“if you ever need someone” -
Surprising me.

wanting, waiting.
needing, wasting.
Am I still awake?
Surprising me.

Some socks,
something simple.
Something easy,
Surprising me.

I didn’t know how much I missed you
Before I even had you.
I’m agressive, you’re
Surprising me.

You might not know,
I don’t think I know.
But you sure are
Surprising me.

You know whats good for me,
even better than I do.
I don’t want to distance myself.
Surprising me.

Keep on
Surprising me.

when the truth is
I miss you.